Statement of the Austrian Bioethics Commission on COVID vaccination


The Austrian Bioethics Commission has published a statement on ethical questions of a vaccination against COVID-19 with significant participation of Christiane Wendehorst.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is considered one of the most promising ways to combat the pandemic and its consequences for society, the health system and the economy. Currently, some vaccines are already in the approval phase and should be available on the market within the next few months.

The statement on ethical issues of vaccination against COVID-19, published on November 25, 2020, addresses medical, legal and ethical issues related to the distribution of vaccines in situations of temporary shortage, aspects of voluntariness and costs, among others. With this statement, the Austrian Bioethics Commission continues a series of opinions on issues related to vaccination and the allocation of resources in the pandemic. Christiane Wendehorst was significantly involved in the preparation of this statement.

The full text of the statement as well as further statements of the Austrian Bioethics Commission are available at:

Source: BKA themen/bioethikkommission/publikationen-bioethik.html