Entry requirements

Students who wish to complete the BoE should have sufficient proficiency of English; normally, at least B2 level within the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is required in order to succeed.

Assessment of the language proficiency at the time of enrolment is the responsibility of the individual student. Students may wish to take one of the officially recognised language tests first, like the IELTS or the TOEFL, but they are by no means obliged to do so. If necessary, the BoE coordinator and teaching staff are happy to give advice or make a provisional assessment on the basis of their personal impression.

Students who wish to complete the BoE but do not yet satisfy the language proficiency requirements are advised to improve their English with the help of the University Language Centre or another recognised teaching institution.

Some of the Special Subject Electives, like comparative private law or international criminal law, may require basic or even advanced knowledge of the relevant subject area. If in doubt, contact the course teacher.  

Progression requirements

According to § 19(1) of the revised Vienna Law Curriculum, students who wish to complete a BoE must take as many courses, seminars etc from within a BoE as amount to 12 semester hours and 18 ECTS points (under the previous Law Curriculum: 14 semester hours).

Students have a wide range of choice among the ILPL electives and can decide on how they wish to accumulate the 12 semester hours/18 ECTS points, but there are certain restrictions: 

  • They must accumulate at least 4 semester hours and 6 ECTS points from among the group of Core A Electives, i.e. complete at least one two-semester language programme.
  • They must accumulate at least 2 semester hours and 3 ECTS points from among the group of Core B Electives, i.e. take part in at least one moot court, interpersonal skills seminar, drafting workshop, or similar course.

An internship in an international organisation etc may be recognised as a substitute for one Core B Elective if it is connected to legal matters, if the net workload amounts to at least 90 hours and if the working language is English.

  • The semester hours and ECTS points which are still lacking in order to attain the minimum of 12 semester hours/18 ECTS points may be accumulated from among the large group of Special Subject Electives. For a course to count as Special Subject Elective, the language of instruction must be English.

Courses not mentioned in the relevant sections of the Vienna Course Catalogue, in particular courses attended during an Erasmus stay abroad, may be recognised by the BoE coordinator where they meet the requirements as to content, workload and language.